Monday, April 16, 2012

Dancing With The Stars - William Levy Injured

A couple of days ago I wrote about Dancing With The Stars and posed the question:  Are they pushing the celebrities too hard?   In an effort to bill this as the most talented cast ever, they have over hyped what these stars are capable of. 

The latest injury is to Latin heart throb, William Levy.  On Sunday William tweeted "Just Wanted to let u know that I injured my right ankle pretty bad during rehearsal.. MRI tomorrow. I'll let u all know .. Love u all".  We haven't heard any updates yet, but it is still rather early on the west coast. 

He is supposed to dance his Latin Week Argentine Tango, but if the ankle injury is bad enough for an MRI, it's highly doubtful he will be 100% for the performance.

So now we have Maria Menonous with rib and foot injuries, Melissa Gilbert with concussion and whiplash, Max injured his arm last week and now William Levy.

I stand by my theory that all this bigger and better than any other cast theme is the major reason for the injuries. 

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