Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dancing With The Stars Premiers It's All Star Season

Season 15 of Dancing With The Stars is the first All Star season in the history of the show.   A new scoring system was introduced that gives the judges a little more wiggle room and with such advanced dancing week one, a little room to grow.

Most improved dancer from their original season was Bristol Palin.  Sabrina Bryan did a great job but she tended to over dance which means she has to pull back on the power in order to gain control.  Pamela Anderson took on the character of Amy Whinehouse during her Cha Cha, there was a little too much anger and slapping and not enough good dancing.

Gilles Marini and Emmit Smith top the leader board for a reason, they were fantastic!  Kelly Monaco danced a Cha Cha.  She was the winner of season 1 and never had to learn the Cha Cha, but she out danced several others who had danced it in their seasons.


Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke —------------  24.5
Gilles Marini & Peta Murgatroyd —---------  24
Sabrina Bryan & Louis van Amstel —-------  22.5
Shawn Johnson & Derek Hough —---------  22
Apolo Anton Ohno & Karina Smirnoff —---  22
Helio Castroneves & Chelsie Hightower —-- 21.5
Kelly Monaco & Val Chmerkovskiy —------- 21.5
Drew Lachey & Anna Trebunskaya —------  21.5
Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani —--------  21
Joey Fatone & Kym Johnson —-------------  20.5
Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas —----------------  19.5
Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy —---- 19
Pamela Anderson & Tristan MacManus —--- 17

Monday, September 24, 2012

Reality Rally to benefit Michelle's Place

About a month ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Gillian Larson of Reality Rally.  Gillian is one of those people who took her 15 minutes of fame and turned it into a hope giving charity for Michelle's Place, a Breast Cancer Resource Center.

So what is Reality Rally?  Reality Rally is a weekend of "Fun for Funds" for www.michellesplace.org, a breast cancer resource center in Temecula. Over 100 Reality TV Stars and famous dogs descend on Temucula California to meet the public all weekend. Some of the events include a golf tournament, parties at wineries, autograph signings, a breakfast with the Stars and a 4hr Amazing Race type game all over Old Town Temecula. One of the cool parts of the rally is the Amazing Race style challenge where teams of 3 public and one Reality Star go to 12 Challenge Checkpoints to complete challenges put on by our Temecula organizations. The entire town of Temucla gets involved by providing the check points for the racers.  Here are some of the check points in the race, The Gunfighters, Hig Schools, Theater, Childrens Museum, Farmers Market, Stampede Dance Hall to name a few. Check out the rest here, Challenge Checkpoints

Gillian does such a good job describing the event in this video and it looks like an amazing time all for a good cause.  Check it out and get rallied up! 

Reality Flash has decided to put a lot of effort into supporting Reality Rally.  We will be raising funds here on Reality Flash to help Reality Rally and hope you will join the cause.  It is my goal to raise at least $1000.00 for Reality Rally.  I also encourage other reality blogging sites to join in the fun, a little light hearted competition all for a good cause. \

Here is your first opportunity to join in on the fund raising. Reality Flash is holding a raffle for next years Big Brother Live Feeds.  Donate $5.00, mark your donation Reality Rally Raffle.  We will draw one winner for every 25 entries and that winner will receive the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds for only one donation of $5.00.

Now about the event itself, it takes fans of Reality Television to make this happen by buying tickets to all the events and racing around Temecula.  If you have questions Reality Rally has answers on their FAQ Page for Reality Rally.

On Reality Rally's Home Page you can buy tickets to events, make donations and find other ways to get involved. 

Quote from
Gillian Larson

"I thought my excitement could never be matched when I made it on Survivor after 8 years of trying. I was equally if not more excited to announce the launch,birth and execution of Reality Rally in April 2011. It took 5 weeks creating it in the jungle in Gabon and 2 years of fine tuning the vision and months of planning it with an amazing Reality Rally Production Team,a Volunteer Team of over 300 and the endless support of my family. CHECK IT OUT. You do not want to miss this amazing fund raising event . A weekend of  Fun for Funds for Michelle's Place."

 2013 Event Tickets

Celebrity Reception
Friday April 5th 2013 6pm-10pm
Mix and mingle with over 100 Reality TV Stars.
Wilson Creek Winery
35960 Rancho California Rd, Temecula, Ca. 92591
No paper tickets. Print receipt and all tickets will be Will Call at the door.
Cost $25 a ticket pre sales
         $30 at the door.
This ticket includes many food stations. Wine and beer available for purchase..
If you have any questions we do want to hear from you at Cynthia@realityrally.com. We really appreciate your participation, Michelle's Place really appreciates your contribution. There will be no refunds but may substitute a participant. Consider your purchase a contribution to Michelle's Place.

Red Carpet Celebration
Saturday April 6th 6pm-10pm
Venue TBA
Watch a Parade of Stars on the Red Carpet, drink wine, share your stories from the game, mix and mingle with Stars, other teams, sponsors.
No paper tickets. Print receipt and all tickets will be Will Call at the door.
Cost $45 a ticket pre sales
         $50 at the door.
Do not buy a ticket if you played the game. Party ticket was included.
This ticket includes many food stations. Wine and beer available for purchase.
If you have any questions we do want to hear from you at  corinna@realityrally.com.
We really appreciate your participation, Michelle's Place really appreciates your contribution. There will be no refunds but may substitute a participant. Consider your registration a contribution to Michelle's Place.

Please stay tuned to Reality Flash to see how YOU can help us raise funds for Reality Rally AND Michelle's Place.

Friday, September 21, 2012

And It's A Wrap, Party That Is for Big Brother

Tonight Superpass and Reality Nation held a Wrap Party for Big Brother 14 that both fans and alumni of Big Brother could enjoy.  There were alumni from many seasons of both Survivor and Big Brother in attendance.

Big Brother 14 House Guest in attendance were Jodi, JoJo, Wil, Janelle, Frank, Ashley, Shane, Danielle, Dan and Ian.  So who was missing? Britney Haynes, Joe Arvin, Mike Malin, JennCity, Kara Monaco and of course the excommunicated Willie Hantz.

It was a good party with lots of interviews for the Superpass viewers to watch.  The seasoned alumni seemed to know that it was just a game and not to take things personally.  Shane and Danielle are still very very upset at Dan blaming him for every thing.  They clearly need time to adjust to the outside world.  At some point I hope that they will reflect on the season and not take it so personally.  It was a season of so many alliances and blindsides you couldn't possibly blame it all on one man.

Anyhow back to the fun stuff, almost everyone there was there to have a good time and start to decompress from the pressure cooker that is Big Brother.  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ian Terry Wins Big Brother!!

On CBS's 90 minute finale of Big Brother the super fan walked away a super winner.  Ian Terry won against Dan Gheesling by a vote of 6-1.  With all members of the jury voting against Dan Gheesling except for Danielle Murphree whom he coached from day one.  Ian Terry is a 21 year old Tulane student who is a self professed super fan since the age of 10.  Listening to him talk this summer I couldn't help but draw correlations to my own son who will be 21 very soon.  Due to a medical condition he and I spent many hours watching live feeds and Big Brother every season since he was 10 himself. Tonight Ian said after winning that this was the highlight of his life.  Ian was cast on the show the first season he was old enough to play and he won, Congratulations Ian Terry!

Ian deserves congratulations while Dan ponders if he could have done things differently.  For many who watch the live feeds and truly know what goes on in that house despite the "magical CBS edits" we know that Dan could have chosen a much different route to the final two with a probable landslide win.  Had Dan won the final two and taken Danielle Murphree there is little doubt he would have become the first two time winner of Big Brother. 

On the feeds Dan clearly told feeders that he was considering throwing the part 3 HOH to Ian knowing that Ian would take him to the finals and hoping to get Danielle's vote.  He said that "even he had a conscious."  Dan made one critical error this season and it came on finale night.  For that alone Ian deserves the win.  Dan thought he would lose against Danielle and stood a chance against Ian, he was clearly wrong and choose the wrong route.

I received this tweet tonight from Dan Gill and fan of Big Brother "I hope the uncomfortable bitterness toward Dan doesn't make future Big Brother go totally lame. Game play extinction would be sad!"
My sentiments exactly Dan.  

In post show interviews, it is clear that several jurors did not have game play on the mind when they voted for the winner of Big Brother.  Frank openly admits he is still bitter and it will "take time to heal."  Shane was so upset in his interview that he may need depression medication, his anger towards Dan was still very evident.  Shane is upset because he has financial issues and doesn't have a job.  In Jenn's interview she said she wanted a newbie to win the game this year. Britney's friendship with Ian was an assured vote for him, she saw him as a little brother type. 

CBS edited Ian to be this adorable guy who just played a pretty clean game.  Feed watchers saw more than one side to Ian who was often cocky when he won and bragged to no end about forming an alliance he did not form.  Dan on the other hand was edited to be the devil of the Big Brother 14 season.  Dan did make a lot of moves that back-stabbed people in the game, but then again who in that game didn't?

Shane is busy boo-hoo-ing about how he was blind sided, yet he blindsided Janelle, Mike Malin and Frank without a second thought.  He also had multiple alliances whom he was lying to all the way through.  One of Shane's strongest supporters in the game was Joe Arvin.  After each conversation Shane had with Joe, he went back to his alliance and told them Joe was a liar constantly painting the target on him.    Frank the self proclaimed straight shooter, lied and back stabbed, but never saw his actions as dirty because they benefited him.  Britney and Danielle started lying week one, they set their own alliance member, Janelle up for a massive blindside in which she never even stood a chance to defend herself.  So what is my point?  The jury voted, they say, based on Dan's dirty game play and Ian's fairly clean game play.  They knew full well that Dan was the mastermind of the big moves this season, but that didn't matter.  They voted for purely personal reasons.  Lovers of game play see this as a foreshadowing of only winners who keep their hands clean all the way through.  That's going to get really boring, really fast.

I have made no bones about the fact that I believe Dan Gheesling deserved to win this game, although I acknowledge his late game mistake.  Ian played a great game, but not a better game than Dan in my opinion.  He was still and up until the last moment unaware that he was being played on finale night.  He did not know that he was recruited into the alliance that was then named the Quack Pack. 

This was a year of recruited house guest who were "mactors" more interested in being on dating shows than the hard core gaming that comes with 75 days locked in the Big Brother house.   Besides Frank and Ian the new players had very little clue what they were walking into and were easily manipulated.  When the Quack Pack turned on Dan Gheesling, what was turning into a unbearable season to watch suddenly became intriguing.  He pulled off his own funeral and then rose to the final two spot.  

Personally I would like to thank Dan for saving Big Brother 14 for me, because I love game play, I love people who can outwit and play the game 24 hours a day.  As Julie Chen said to Dan as the Finale episode of Big Brother was going off the air, Dan Gheesling "You are one of the greatest players to ever play the game of Big Brother."

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who Should Win Big Brother 14, My Take

It's that time of the year when everyone out there spouts their opinion on who should win the game and who shouldn't....consider this my spout.

For the first time in a long time we have three people in the final three who actually did play the game from beginning to end.  Like them or not, Danielle, Ian and Dan played this game hard.

Let's start with Danielle.  She is known as cray cray to most internet watchers and I can't disagree with that.  When I went back and read my blogs from the beginning of the year, first night of feeds etc...I was clearly not impressed with her then.  I labeled her as Debbie Downer because on the first night of feeds she was telling her sob story to anyone who would listen and then retelling it over and over.  She hated Ian because he "looked at her in the shower" and she said several people were hurting her feelings because they looked at her wrong.  It never changed, it only got more amplified as the weeks went on.  Typically the person she wanted out that week also happened to be the person stalking her, bullying her or saying things that hurt her feelings.  Danielle used emotions to get people on her side.  Danielle played the victim card to perfection and by the fourth week she had so many people on her side she was covered from every angle.  This in itself is good game play if you can stomach to listen to her lies and exaggerations.

 In my opinion, Danielle doesn't deserve to win this game because she was so easily manipulated by Dan to do things that were not in her best interest in the game.  Last week Danielle held all the power and was heading to the final three with two guys (Shane and Dan) who would both take her to the finals.  In an extraordinary moment of stupidity Danielle made a horrible game move.  Dan talked her (quiet easily I might add) into using the veto on him, thus giving him all the power to evict someone at final four.  Danielle knew that just a week earlier Dan wanted Shane gone at the double eviction.  Why did Danielle make such a dumb move? Simple, she didn't want the blood of Ian's eviction on her or Shane's hands.  Danielle has played this entire game as the victim, the innocent by stander when her other final two partners were sent out the door.  She was on the block when both Britney & Jenn were evicted (by request) so that she would not have any blood on her hands for their evictions.  So Danielle gave Dan the power to evict Shane and that is exactly what happened.  Her next really stupid move was to throw the Pt1 HOH comp to Dan.  She played the 2nd Pt HOH against Ian and lost.  Danielle went from a final two for sure spot to a maybe in less than a week and she did it all herself.  The only way she gets there now is if Dan keeps his word to her...not a good track record.

Now onto Ian, a lot of people think I hate Ian, I don't.  I also don't make excuses for Ian just because he has ADHD.  I commend him for dealing with his issues this long in the house and it just goes to show that anyone given a chance can overcome just about any disability.  However, I don't think he should win just because he had to deal with ADHD on top of everything else.  This stems from being a mother of someone in a wheelchair, I know all he has ever wanted is to be judged on his accomplishments.  He has never wanted someone's sympathy and certainly doesn't want people to hand him things just because he has extra obstacles in life.  Ian knew he had ADHD when he went into the house and I think he would rather be judged on his game moves than his disability.

That said, Ian played a pretty good game.  He laid low the first several weeks and played the likeable dork (adorkable).  He was so nice and loyal that Dan decided to recruit him into the four person alliance of Dan/Danielle/Shane & Britney.  The alliance agreed to bring Ian in and let him name the alliance.  To this day Ian believes he created the Quack Pack all on his own.  Ian also believes that taking a dog suit for 24 hours was a great game move.  The Quack Pack used Ian to get information from the other side.  Quickly Ian became Britney's puppet and did whatever she told him to do.  When Britney was evicted Dan became the new puppet master.  Ian has played a good game, but he was never the mastermind of any big moves.  Ian also threw the Pt1 HOH competition to Dan believing he is in a final two deal with him.  There are so many things that Ian is still not clued in on that I find it hard to believe he stands a chance against Dan in the Pt 3 HOH competition.  Ian is amazing at facts, figures, trivia and he has a photographic memory which helped him win three HOH competitions and 2 Power of Veto Competitions.  The third part HOH on finale night focuses on how well a house guest knows what the jury members are thinking.  It is my opinion that this is the one competition that does not favor Ian because his perceptions of what others think is wrong more often that not.  I give Ian credit for out smarting and out playing Frank and Mike who thought they were so strategically superior to him.  I also give him credit for his competition wins and his allegiance to the Quack Pack.  There is no doubt in my mind that Ian deserves to be in the final two, but there is a lot of doubt in my mind that he will make it there.  So far, Ian has indicated his speech will be about how he created the Quack Pack and was loyal to it.  Unfortunately for Ian, most of the jury already knows he didn't create the Quack pack.  I don't believe if he gets the chance to make a final two speech that it will win over many people not already on his side. 

I believe Dan Gheesling deserves to win this game hands down.  The first week he was targeted, "We have to get Dan out of here" was said by many people.  By week two he was down to one very emotional player.  He coddled her and coached her through every day until the reset when he gleefully pressed the button.  He had already made a four person alliance at that time and had another three person alliance with Frank and Boogie.  Dan was playing a fairly loyal game up until the week Mike Boogie was sent home.  He took all the heat from Frank and Mike when Britney placed the blame squarely on Dan's shoulders for their nominations.  Dan covered for Ian who was playing the double agent.  Mike was evicted, Britney ran straight to Frank and made a deal with him before the HOH competition was played.  Frank won and put Dan and Danielle on the block.  Let's not get it twisted here, the Quack Pack turned on Dan first.  Britney placed the blame on Dan, made a deal with Frank and then told Frank to tell Ian if he used his POV ball Britney would go up.  Danielle was more than happy to be on the block with Dan because of course she would stay and not take the blame.  She also went to Frank after being nominated and tried to make a final two deal with him.  Dan came up with a way to save all the Quack Pack members and although they agreed to it, in separate discussions Danielle and Britney toyed with the idea of not going through with it so that Dan would go home.  During the Veto Shane and Britney were supposed to try to win the game so they could take Dan or Danielle off the block forcing Frank to put up Joe or Jenn.  Go back and watch it, Shane had zero points and Britney had 6 points.  From Dan's point of view these people were not trying very hard at all to win this thing and he knew he had to go for it.  Britney will shout to the roof tops that she was trying to win but the scores say it all.  Jenn ended up winning and Dan ended up in solitary confinement trying to figure a way out of his impending demise.

This is where I think Dan wins hands down, he totally changed his game from team player to assassin.  How many people can totally change the way they are playing the game mid stream?  Not many!  Dan held his own funeral, spilled all the Quack Pack information to Frank, made a final two deal with him and Britney went to the jury in Dan's place.  From that moment on Dan played with a take no prisoners attitude.  He made alliances everywhere (which is something the other QP members had already done) and he manipulated people to keep him off the block or remove him should he get there.  Even in the final competition Dan managed to get both people playing the 1st part HOH to throw it to him.  He also got them to fake fight with each other so that they would never compare notes.  Dan went from week one the person everyone wanted out to the one guy who is for sure going to the final two.  Dan had long talks with people and they would always spill their guts to him.  If he wanted someone put up he would ask the other person who they wanted up, run through every scenario, but the one he wanted, debate their merits and then almost as an after thought bring up the one scenario he wanted to make happen.  Without fail the house guests fell for this "misting" and did what Dan wanted done.  Dan should win Big Brother 14 not just because he was the best manipulator, but because he adjusted his game over and over in order to survive each week.  He never stopped playing the game and he loved every second of it.  Dan's moves were calculated and he never took it to a personal level.  Everything was strictly about winning the game one way or another.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chelsea Gheesling Talks About Dan's Big Move On Tonight's Big Brother

Being a Big Brother wife is a full time job for Chelsea Gheesling who has acted as head cheer leader, in charge of public relations and website management, for DanGheesling.com, while her husband Dan Gheesling is in the Big Brother house.  It truly seems that winning Big Brother is a team effort for this newlywed couple.  Dan runs the Big Brother house and Chelsea runs the social media gamut for him while he plays the game.

If you haven't heard, tonight's LIVE Big Brother show will be packed full of excitement and a true blindside brought to us courtesy of Dan Gheesling.  

It is rare this deep into the season of Big Brother to still have blindsides and exciting moves or colossally stupid moves being played. Read here for details (Dan blindsides Shane).  From my perspective I have no problem at all with Shane being blindsided.  I watched him do it to one person after another all season, telling them right up until the moment they left that they had his vote and were safe. Seems like it is karma time for Shane.  Dan confirms to the feeders today that he will indeed evict Shane if Danielle uses the Power of Veto on him.  "Your times up, Shane. Finally. I get my 2nd shot to take you out, son." Flashback time is  11:30am BBT Cam 1.

On her way home from work, Chelsea gave me a call to talk about tonight's show and how excited she is for this latest Dan move.

Me: Hi Chelsea, thanks for calling.  I know you are driving right now, please tell me the phone is on speaker and you have both hands on the wheel while driving in Detroit traffic!

Chelsea: (Giggles) Yes I am safe.

Me: So you go to bed last night thinking Dan is on the block and fairly safe, but still relying on Shane to keep him in the game.  This morning you wake up to find out Dan will be pulled off the block by Danielle and is going to send Shane out the door.  What was your reaction?

Chelsea:  Well I found out on your website and I, gosh a million thoughts came to my head because it was so unexpected, but I thought finally we have solved the problem of Danielle choosing her heart over her head.  I am still worried that it will play out the way they are planning.

Me:  Do you think Dan keeping Ian is a good move?

Chelsea: Umm, YES because Ian will take Dan to the final 2, so both of Dan's bases are covered.  If Shane was in the game still it would be a big question mark.  I am worried about how Dan will deal with Danielle being so upset with him for evicting Shane.  Do you think she will still take him to final two?  (ME:)  I think Dan can say two things two her, one he warned her the night of the Double Eviction that he might have to pull a stunt at final four in order to ensure they were both in the final two.  Then he can say,  "I took the blood of evicting Shane off your hands, you said we were a final two, did you really mean it?  If we are a solid final two deal than I did you a favor by evicting Shane and not putting you in that hard position" ...at which point I think she will have no where else to turn. 

Me:  What was it like seeing yourself on national television?  Tell us how they came to you and did the taped message to Dan please.

Chelsea: I filmed it myself, they called on Tuesday and asked me to have something done by Wednesday and I emailed it in, they edited it.  It was weird seeing myself on television.  I was more focused on Dan's reaction and that was heart warming.  Watching him cry made me cry and it was really, really emotional.

Me:  OK, we have some viewer questions for you, these questions all came from twitter today.

Someone asked me if Dan has an affiliation with Arkansas because of the shirt or did Britney leave that for him?

Chelsea: His football coaching mentor works at Arkansas now.

What does she think about Danielle honestly?

Chelsea: I have gotten that question so much lately, honestly I come from the perspective I don't think any of us know what quirks of our own would come out if we were locked in a box for that long. I just look at her game wise and I think she is Dan's best game partner, she is very loyal to Dan.  My number one priority is Dan's game, I look at it from a game stand point and NO, she is best for Dan's game. 

Did Dan get you to marry him with ... "The Mist"? :)

Chelsea:  Haha, Dan does not mist me, it sounds corny, but Dan I both agree we knew we were going to marry each other within minutes.  So, Dan did not have enough time to mist me, it was a love at first site thing. I think Dan's mist has an expiration date and we have been together for quite some time.

 I'd like to ask what she thinks of his game so far and how he prepared her for what to expect from him in the game. :)

Chelsea:  Before he left, he told me he would have to switch up his game play from what he did in Season 10.  When Dan wants to reach a goal he reaches a goal, so I knew he would put in as much time, thought and energy he has to get this far.  Nothing he has done has surprised me or caught me off guard so far.

1)   Does Dan genuinely like Dani as a friend, or just using her?   2)  Has Dan done too much backstabbing this season?

Chelsea:  Umm, I think Dan likes Dani, all I can speak from is season 10 and Dan has stayed friends with most of them.  He does a good job of separating BB from real life.  As for part two, NO, he had to play a 100% different game than in season 10. 

Did  Dan really wanted to coach or really wanted to come in to play the game again when he signed up? 

Chelsea:  I think he suspected he was coming into the game especially with the twist factor.  He also thought this was a perfect season for him to be a coach because he is a coach in real life.  If he stayed a coach, awesome, if he went back into the game awesome.

Is Dan really as religious as he portrays on the show & does she think he feals bad bout swearing on the bible

Chelsea: Yes Dan's faith is very important to him.  I think that Dan will be disappointed that things got so messy in the editing process but Dan also realizes that this is what he signed up for.  He will know what is important to him and that is his relationship with God and I don't think anyone has anything to worry about.  
Does Chelsea think Dan realizes how much Dani has lied in the house?

Chelsea: Yes, I think Dan is very good at reading people, he is very, very perceptive.  His mom says he has been that way since he was a little boy, I think he is smart enough to remember stories and put 2 and 2 together.
Side Note from Diana: Dan has spent of lot of time lately questioning Danielle and asking when she claims something. 

How hard does she think Dan will go against Dani with the jury to win votes?

Chelsea: Very hard, Dan is very competitive and goal oriented.  His goal is to win Big Brother for the second time not to get to the final two and come in second.  I have no doubt he will have a great, great jury speech. 

Would you ever do a couples Big Brother with Dan if they had one?

Chelsea:  I have had this question a lot, my answer is one reality show at a time, again I don't know if I would be that great at it.  I am not that good of a liar, I giggle a lot when I do.  I don't know how good I would be at the game, but you never know with Dan as my coach.

Me: How has this affected your relationship with Dan's family since he showed nervousness about that during the beginning of the season?

Chelsea: It's been one hundred percent great, we text each other non stop, talk about the feeds things have been fantastic and I am pulling into Dan's moms driveway right now for our Thursday night BBQ things are great.  Its been a great bonding experience for our new family.  I am so excited for tonight's show.

Me: We have to do lunch sometime soon because we live so close together.

Chelsea: For sure, when we get back from the Big Brother fiasco we should get together.

Me: Thanks Chelsea for chatting, go and enjoy that BBQ and the show.

At this point we hung up the phone.

Tonight's show will be great for a lot of reason, but I am most looking forward to the expressions on the faces of Danielle, Shane and Ian.  Danielle will be a emotional basket case crying "WIIIII, WIIIIIII".  Shane will get to know the true meaning of a back door and blindside.  He has done it so many times this year to others.  Then there is Ian who is convinced he is going home, the shock and delight on his face will be just as amusing.

Side note: 
People ask me all the time why I don't knock Dan for putting his hand on the Bible, but I do call out Danielle's lies.  There are a couple of reason's.
1. Dan's Bible swearing was shown on the CBS show, everyone knows about it.  In fact it was edited to make it look like Dan swore on a final two deal with Frank, when if fact he swore to tell Frank the truth about the Quack Pack alliance.  The final two deal came 44 minutes later after Dan was done spilling all his information.
2. Danielle's mountains of lie have never once been shown on the CBS show.  Danielle is continually edited to be the loyal sweet girl with no selfish motives at all.  I call her out on her lies to provide some balance.

Will Dan Blindside Shane On Live Television?

After 33 hours of blocked feeds for no reason because we all knew what CBS was trying to hide we come back to the live feeds with Danielle complaining up a storm about JoJo stealing some of her belongings.

Shane, Dan & Ian talk about television and we wait for nearly an hour to find out that Danielle won the Power of Veto when she was called to the Diary Room.

Dan and Ian are currently on the block.  If Danielle chooses not to use the Power of Veto this means that Shane will have the sole vote to evict either Ian or Dan.

So we listen to hours worth of mindless dribble and get to that sickening part of the night when Danielle throws herself at Shane in bed when suddenly BAM we get hit with game play.  Danielle tells Shane that she is going to use the power of veto on Dan.  She says "I want you to be on as good as terms with Ian as possible.  You can't vote him out, he won't vote for you in the jury."  Shane amazingly doesn't have a problem with this and does his usual agree to anything.  Danielle presents it to Shane in the form of they are outsmarting Dan and putting the blood for Ian's eviction on his hands.

Meanwhile downstairs Dan is talking to camera's saying "Do I take out Shane or do I take out Ian? I don't know.  My only hesitation is if I take out Shane, will I still have Danielle taking me to the final two? I think so"  Now mind you I had to read lips with the help of a couple of others who all watched this multiple times, this is what Dan said.

So Dan knew in advance he was going to be taken off the block.  Danielle is upstairs selling this to Shane as if she and Shane will out play Dan by putting the blood of Ian's eviction on Dan's hands instead of theirs.  They want Ian's jury vote should Dan make it to the final two.  These two are self congratulating themselves while Dan is downstairs planning on breaking them up with their help.

Dan then has a conversation with Ian, who is positive he is going home.  Dan for the second time that night asks Ian if he see's any scenario's in which they both stay, Ian can't see any.  Dan spends the next hour shoring up his final two deal with Ian.  Telling him he didn't let Memphis down and he won't let Ian down.  Then Dan gets Ian to agree to throwing the first part of the three part HOH comp to Dan.  He tells Ian over and over, you can beat her in the second part of the HOH competition, but I can't.  Dan has the same exact deal with Danielle. 

It is clear by Dan's comments that Danielle is not in on the plan to evict Shane which means she will be an emotional wreck during the endurance HOH because Dan will have blindsided her and Shane.  When Shane gets to jury Danielle will probably take some of the blame for this because by now everyone is well aware that Dan and Danielle are still working together.  Even though Danielle will be blindsided by Dan evicting Shane on live television she will end up getting at least half of the blame in the jury.

Now we don't know for sure that Dan will go through with the plan, but it is pretty clear he doesn't have a final two deal with Shane.  Why would he keep someone who will not take him to the final two.  Both Danielle and Ian will take him.  Even if Danielle is heartbroken and angry she will take Dan over Ian because she believes she can beat him.

Thursday nights (tonight's) Live Show is not to be missed.  This season belongs to the master manipulator Dan Gheesling.  If Dan makes it to the final two he will be the only person who was never on the block at the time of voting.  If Danielle takes Dan off the block he will have also officially made it farther than any Big Brother player ever, winning his first season and final three (so far) in his second season.

(added after I published this) Danielle is about to make a colossally stupid game move and I can hardly wait to see the expression on her face if Dan really does vote to evict Shane.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Danielle gets a proper edit with Crisi Blitzers Imitations

Have you ever sat and watched the CBS television version of Big Brother and wonderd why the producers insist on editing some of the house guests in ways that don't begin to resemble the player or personality they are in the house?  More often than not Live Feed viewers and Big Brother After Dark viewers become frustrated with the completely off the mark edits of some of the house guests.

This year we have been told that Danielle Murphree is a sweet southern belle but the viewers of the Live Feeds and After Dark don't think Danielle is a belle, they think she's cray cray.

Then along comes Crisi Blitzer who has started doing a series of YouTube videos imitating Danielle and giving us a more accurate edit that CBS could ever do.

I spoke with Crisi today about why she started to make the videos and what her feeling of the season are. 

Me: Why did you start to make the videos?

Crisi:  I have never seen anyone like her EVER, as Danielle would say, on reality television.  She is the kind of girl you don't want your daughter to grow up to be.  When I see the CBS edit of Danielle I get frustrated because it's not the truth. If CBS is going to project her as a sweet girl, I need to show her that she is not.  I don't put words in her mouth, I only say things Danielle has said.  I never go after her family.

Me: What do you say to critics who would think involving your daughter in the videos is a bad example.

Crisi:  I want to show my daughter how manipulative Danielle acts and that it isn't about game play it's about getting attention.

Me: What bugs you the most about Danielle.

Crisi: I am just so irritated with the edit of this girl.  He constant whining, putting her family business out there from the beginning so that later she can bring it back up if she needs sympathy, her constant lies from player to player room to room.  She is playing a very manipulative game and that's just not my kind of game.  I would never make it in that house because I would tell people like her off.

Me:  Are you obsessed with Danielle or wish anything bad to happen to her?

Crisi: No, I mainly started doing this for fun to mock her, I figure CBS is portraying her one way and I wanted to portray her the way I see her.  When she is done being on reality television that I love, I will be done with her.  When she is back in her real life with real issues I won't have anything to say.  My videos and comments are directed at her behavior in the house and don't reflect any desire on my part to wish her ill will outside BB house.  I think she will have enough problems and won't need me adding to the situation.

Me:  Do you think any of the house guest get how manipulative Danielle has been?

Crisi:  I think Dan gets it, he questions her about her God Parents, her marriage and other things.  I don't know if he will use that information in his speech or not, but I think he gets it.

Me: Yeah, Danielle seems worried about Dan's final two speech.

Crisi: She does, she is wondering if she will be embarrassed by him at the end.  She is so concerned with the way people view her yet she hasn't stopped to think about how all these lies make her look.

Me: What do you think of the Trey/Shane switching back and forth.  If Shane doesn't seem interested suddenly she is crying over Trey again?

Crisi:  I think her Trey/Shane stories are all about making everyone think she is in demand to men. "Look at me, look at me, I am in demand!"  Nobody, as a woman in that house, is allowed to have a compliment in that house because it just doesn't work for Danielle.

Crisi and I spoke at length about several players and the game.  One of the things we both agreed on is that Danielle manipulates not so much for game play (although it does help her game), but rather because she desires the attention of others at all times.  Watching her tell a sob story to one person, cry get their advice and then move onto the next person and twist the story every so slightly to make it seem like it is the first time she has talked about the issue drives both of us nuts.

Crisi has made 6 videos and there is at least one more to come.  I hope you have a good laugh at them, I think she does a spot on imitation.

Danielle Murphree Impersonation by Crisi - Drunk Danielle (Big Brother 14)

Danielle Murphree Impersonation by Crisi - Cereal Time (BB14)